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SEE Mosaics III Meeting 2016

In the frame of second phase of the SEE Mosaics project dedicated to developing network of mosaic conservation professionals and promoting mosaic heritage in SE Europe, the third meeting entitled "New perspectives and challenges in mosaic conservation" was held from 14th to 17th September 2016 in Ohrid, Macedonia. It was jointly organized by the Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade and the Local Development Agency in Struga. The meeting was supported by the Central European Initiative – CEI.

Thirty colleagues from ten countries participated in the meeting entitled “New perspectives and challenges in mosaic conservation”. Apart the participants from CEI countries (Albania, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia and Slovenia), colleagues from France and Spain participated as well.

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The program consisted of individual participant presentations, discussions and the round table. The presentations showcased problem solving of conservation challenges regarding investigations and research, mosaic documentation, conservation in situ and in museums.

Discussions and the round table touched several topics:

  • contribution of the conservation process to gathering information on the object or the context,
  • possibilities of contemporary documentation technics and their applicability in practice,
  • impact of the shelters on mosaic conservation/decay,
  • possibilities for mosaic covering on archaeological sites,
  • conservation of mosaics in situ,
  • mosaic presentation in museums.

The round table also reflected on the results and achievements of the SEE Mosaics Project so far and proposed further courses of action.


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The meeting program was completed with the study visit to the Archaeological museum in Skopje, Monastery St. John Bigovski and Macedonian Village.



Meetings of mosaic conservation professionals in the region helped creating contacts and exchange of experience between professionals and institutions involved with conservation of mosaic heritage and foster joint work on either regional or international projects. Collaboration on joint projects has already been established between Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia, as well as between Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through these collaborations, conservation of about 200m2 of mosaics both in museums and on archaeological sites had been made possible.

As the state of mosaic conservation in the region is changing, it is necessary to update the online database. The task in 2017 would be to update the database so that it reflects the state of the art situation.

It is necessary to make website content more informative and appealing not only to professional community but to general public as well. Therefore website content will be expended to include more information on mosaics in museums, on archaeological sites opent to public and projects of conservation institutions within the database. Survey team members will contribute to building the content of additional website pages.