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Meeting of the survey team 2011

Meeting of the survey team for the Regional survey Mosaic Conservation and Training of Conservators in Southeast Europe, 22nd -24th September 2011, Ohrid, The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, House of Grigor Prličev


The meeting was organized to make an overview of the survey results and plan completion of the project, but also to discuss possibilities for project development in the future. Representatives from all the countries involved with the survey were present. To complete meeting agenda, study visits have been organized to archaeological sites Plaoshnik, Stobi and Heraclea Lyncentis. In the conclusion of the meeting, possibilities for further development and continuation of the project have been proposed:

1. Training programs

The best way to improve the situation at the regional level would be to connect institutions by providing training programs in mosaic conservation with the objective to develop and put in practice conservation projects trough training of participants. Double objective of such programs could have greater impact on ameliorating state of mosaic heritage in the region – dissemination of knowledge regarding the modern approach to mosaic conservation, while at the same time improving state of conservation of mosaics on sites/museums where program is implemented. Organized in that way, training programs would advance comunication and exchange of experiance amongst conservators in the region and allow joint work on eather regional or international projects.

2. Networking

Annual meetings of mosaic conservators from the region could also contribute to creating contacts and exchange between professionals and institutions involved with conservation of mosaic heritage.

Website, made through this project, could be developed to serve as information source for activities related to mosaic conservation in the region and as a meeting point for people involved with mosaic research and conservation.

3. Promotion

Website could also help wide promotion of mosaic heritage of SE Europe. Therefore, one of the future sub-projects should be creation of the interactive presentation of mosaic heritage in SE Europe that will be founded on a database and that will be available on line or on DVD. In this way, mosaic heritage could be promoted not only amongst professionals but the general public as well.

Meeting resulted in the creation of the regional network of professionals involved with mosaic conservation - SEE Mosaics.




1. Edvin Lamce, Albanian Heritage Foundation, Tirana
2. Erjona Qilla, Butrint National Park

Bosnia and Herzegovina

3. Admir Ibričić, Faculty of Philosophy, Sarajevo
4. Vanja Šotra Dursun, The Republic Institute for Protection of Cultural, Historical and Natural Heritage of the Republic of Srpska


5. Krassimira Frangova, National Academy of Arts, Sofia


6. Antonija Buljan, Croatian Conservation Institute
7. Toni Šaina, Croatian Conservation Institute


8. Nikola Upevče, NI Institute and Museum Ohrid
9. Toni Nikolovski, NI Institute and Museum Bitola
10. Slivana Blaževska, National Institution for Management of the Archaeological Site Stobi


11. Jasminka Grgurević, Regional Institute for the protection of the Cultural Monuments, Kotor


12. Branislava Lazarević, Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade
13. Maja Franković, Central Institute for Conservation in Belgrade


14. Blaž Šeme, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Ljubljana
15. Asparuh Mihailov, Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia